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Nail Art With Salt

Who Needs Micro Beads Or Caviar When You Have Salt? If you want to experiment with something different that produces the “caviar look”, here is something you don’t
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Quilted Black Matte

Fabulous Quilted Nail Look! Beads, crystals, and glitters looked stunning on your nails! They’re very eye-catching that you can’t even help yourself admiring them every chance you got.
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Fluffy Accessory!

Have You Ever Tried “Flocking Powder”? There has been a rave about this “Flocking Powder” since few years back, but it doesn’t seem to get old!  It’s sooo
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Stop Nail Biting

Can’t Stop Munching On Your Nail? Nail biting is a habit that usually stems from nervousness, stress, or anxiety. It starts at an early age. Kids who cannot
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Easy And Simple

3 Quick And Easy Designs You Must See! This video tutorial shows how you can create unique nails that looks complicated to make. But the reality is, they’re
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Fan Brush Striped

Here’s Is An Easy Fan Brush Striped Nail Art! Dying to get those candy stripes using your own beginner’s starter kit?  It is a pretty easy trick to
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